My Return To Beachbody

Hello my friends. I have received a lot of congratulations as I have hit my first milestone back with Beachbody coaching. It is a small but necessary step in business building. It has also stirred up some questions, so I figured I would do what I do best, write it out.

Since returning to Beachbody I have a renewed sense of purpose that I had lost when I left. I am sure many of you are wondering why I left in the first place and what has brought me back now. I had a great run with Pruvit so why not stay slinging ketones? What exactly happened?

Well, let’s dive in.

Let's start at the beginning: In 2017 I had been coaching with Beachbody for 4 years. I had achieved the rank 1 star diamond. I had devoted my life to “bleeding blue” as my friend Tanya calls it. Everything I did revolved around Beachbody and the coaching business. All of my friends were all over the country doing the same and I felt like I was deep inside of a huge movement for something bigger. I felt like my life had meaning and purpose. I was confident and strong and in the best shape of my life. I was running races and doing obstacle courses and traveling the country. I even left my job in social work because at the time I was making enough income to survive through just my coaching business. HELL, I even spoke sharing my story in front of CEO Carl Daikeler and Autumn Calabrese Creator of the 21 Day Fix along with 2K other coaches in January of 2016 at the top Coach Super Saturday. I loved every minute of it. All of it.

So why the fuck did I leave? Well… because even after all I had been through...I still lacked a fucking backbone and was easily swayed away. I suffer from OSS. “Oh Shiny Syndrome”. I had made new local friends and I was seeing that living a "normal" life and not being all wrapped up in social media was actually nice. I also found that I really loved to eat bad food and all of my ragging over eating habits came back. (Balance had never been my strong suit) I slowly started to workout less...and eat less healthy food. Pretty soon I was convinced that Shakeology wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and maybe I had been brainwashed. (it literally hurts my insides to type this. It makes me sick and sad that my decline started here)

But I was also really tired of the hierarchy. I was watching all my friends around me rank up to ELITE coaches and there I sat barely holding 1 star diamond and felt like it would be an impossible climb to get there. Then after talking with some Elite coaches I discovered I was actually making more money weekly than they were. I KNOW. CRAZY. So what was the point? There was a lot of “popularity contest” kind of stuff much like high school and I just grew tired of trying to “get into the circle”. I worked hard and made so many sacrifices and still felt like I was falling short. I lost the reason why I began coaching and got engrossed in the desire to be “a superstar” with a HUGE SOCIAL MEDIA following. My life revolved around “likes” and “comments” and compliments and showing off how great I was. I was tired of point chasing and trying to be on the top of all the leaderboards to feel any kind of love. (Words of affirmation is my love language if you haven't already figured that out)

It was very unfulfilling. I felt that Beachbody wasn’t going to be my end all be all. I felt like I was made for more. I wanted to write a book and travel and speak and share my story of tragedy to triumph. At that point I had dabbled in a few things that really gave me a sense of meaning and they all revolved around suicide prevention and lighting up the darkness. None of which made me any money, but it was so much more than that to me.

So all it took was some bad habits to creep back in, discouragement and a lot of influence from peers to pull out. I would skip workouts. I questioned if it was actually all a scheme. I ate poorly and started drinking more. It was also during a mass exodus of the coaching world. High ranking coaches were leaving left and right and it made me question everything. The blinders I had on to focus on my goals came off, and it wasn’t too long before I had decided to go with them. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in planet fitness working out and the clock struck midnight and I had not hit success club 5 let alone 10+ for the first time since May of 2014 and I actually felt free. I felt like a rebel. I felt like I was failing a class or skipping school. I didn’t feel bad. I kind of felt relieved. Like maybe the world wasn’t going to fall apart.

But, sadly it slowly but surely did just that.

In the three years that I left Beachbody, I lost all structure and routine that was keeping me mentally and physically well. I made poor choice after poor choice. I started drinking heavily again. Almost daily. (while I was still on medications) I got up and moved to Florida on a whim with no income and no plan. I quit exercising and boycotted all Beachbody related things. I thought “I can do this on my own”. Well, I was wrong. I am sure I dabbled in much more in depression for a diagnosis to the outside world and well, they probably weren't wrong about it.

I started a new business that was shorter lived than anything I have ever done. I joined Direct Cellars because I saw someone who found success financially and thought it would be a good idea for me to do something in place of Beachbody. I had become quite the wineo drinking a bottle to myself on any given day. Joining direct cellars was the worst thing I probably could have ever done for my mental and physical health. ( I am speaking on my own personal behalf not judging or ridiculing anyone else here) I sold no wine. Only to a friend and the business went nowhere. I made next to nothing and never got my investment back that I had put in. I did drink a lot more wine in place of working out and gained a bunch of weight. That's what I did get. It was a great concept but it was a complete wreck for me. NOT. A. GOOD. BRITTANY. DECISION.

A positive that came out of all of this was that I started my own branding business called Branding by Britt shortly after I moved to St. Petersburg Florida. All of my social media knowledge was useful to a lot of people. I was connected to some of the most amazing people all over the county and really feel as if I had a voice and something valuable to offer the world again. But I had no business plan and no structure and it was kind of a trial by fire experience. I did well for a while but could not sustain what I was doing. I was stubborn and thought I could figure it out on my own. (AGAIN, BAD CHOICE) Thankfully my sister and her family just relocated to Florida and took me in and got me out of a bad situation. I was able to spend time with my niece and nephew and really enjoyed my 9 months there with them. But in that time I went completely bankrupt and lost my car for a short time. It was when I was in the process of finishing my first book and I had thought “If I can just get this book done and published, everything will be okay.” - Another really awful assumption. It was not okay.

In my time in Florida a friend reached out to me about this new company she had joined called Pruvit. She sent me some information on Pure Therapeutic Ketones and the compensation plan. I did a ton of research and really couldn’t find anything bad about it. Mineral salts that would put you into ketosis within 59 minutes or less and help you feel better and burn fat faster? A car bonus that was achievable so I could finally drive a Mercedes? Okay, yeah sign me up for that.

I did well with Pruvit. I loved Pruvit. I loved the company and the events. I loved the people and the energy. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It was kind of a “rival” of Beachbody too and many coaches that had left and joined Pruvit were highly successful, so that made it more appealing to me. Mostly because I thought: “Well shit I can never go back now. Not after leaving like I did.” I loved the product and the science behind it. I loved the keto diet and learned everything I could about it. I helped people connect to keto and they saw results and felt great! It felt good to feel good again. But that was short lived too. For me, it was not sustainable.

I would lose a bunch of weight and then gain it all back and more. I still wasn't working out consistently. I felt like an imbecile doing Beachbody workouts and got to the point where I had no confidence to go to the gym again.

I moved home to North Eastern PA in August of 2018 at my lowest of lows. My book had just been released and I thought it was going to be… I don’t know. I didn’t really prepare for what it was going to be like when all of my private details of my childhood and trauma and then suicide attempt in 2012 being on the internet. I guess you can say I had another nervous breakdown. Or a “break” of some kind. It wasn’t good. I spent weeks in my father's basement sobbing. Somedays I didn’t get out of bed because I just didn’t have the energy to “live”. I had no job. No income. My accounts were negative. I owed people thousands of dollars that I had no way of repaying. I didn’t become suicidal but I just had no energy for life. I felt defeated and completely alone. I felt ashamed and distraught. I thought I would never make it here again. I thought I would never find hope and love and friends here. I was at the worst place I had been since that dark day in july of 2012. I questioned my purpose. I wondered how the hell I got here, at this dark place knocking on rock bottoms basement door again….

Well, I left my healthy habits. I left what kept me consistent and disciplined. I left what kept me well. I didn’t lose it, I gave it up. I left it. And it took 3 years but everything fell apart. Now, I know that Beachbody is not the saving grace but it was what had put me in the best place I had been in my life. Financially, physically, mentally. I was stable. More than. I was thriving. And helping others do the same. Slowly but surely after leaving, I ended up right back where I started but worse than before. (Before I go any further, I know this is not everyone's experience. People have left Beachbody and done incredibly well. I am not discrediting that at all. But, for me and what I need… it was not the case.

I slowly got back on my feet and applied for jobs. I worked in the kitchen and as a waitress for Jones Diner and that really gave me a sense of purpose again. Blythe has a whole chapter in my next book and I am excited for her and you all to read all about what she has done for me. But she helped me get going again, and because of her I was able to keep moving forward when I really never thought I would again. Last summer I worked tirelessly every weekend to prep meals for B&B Fit Meal customers. What a rewarding learning experience. I am so grateful.

I then interviewed at RPH BSU for a per-diem position in February 2019 after applying in October 2018 and nearly losing hope to ever be considered. That's an entire other entry that you can actually read. Read the chapter in my next book detailing the experience by clicking here. In October of 2019 I accepted a full time position there and have been working full time since, even through the pandemic. I finally had structure, consistency and a routine again, which was the first step to getting me back to that bad ass bitch I once was.

Now I would like to take a few minutes to give credit to one of the very few people who stood by my side throughout the craziness of the past 3-4 years and well before that… my dear friend Jen Terry. We have had many adventures together all over the world. Between the Beachbody trips and super Saturday quarterly events and Shaun T workouts, we really have done all the things. We bonded over our love for the absolute hardest Shaun T workouts. We were also able to drink quite a lot and still function enough to get up and make the 6 AM workouts at events. There is also the planking drunk everywhere we go. That is a thing. We do that. Everywhere. We have a blast. When I left Beachbody in 2017 I was massively unfriended (in real life and on facebook) by dozens of coaches that I had thought were my friends. Jen is the only person who expressed her concern but also supported what I chose to do. She was kind of like the Mom watching the toddler fall down and not helping them back up because they have to learn to walk on their own. She is kind of a pain in the ass but a very necessary one. She makes everyone she knows a stronger person. She does not cottle or hand hold. She tells it like it is and doesn’t let you make excuses for yourself. She is the only person I know that can get you the drunkest you've ever been in your life and also make sure you get abs. It really is an art form that she has mastered. Her jello shots are award winning too. But seriously..Jen is the best coach to all of her customers and her huge team. She would go to the ends of the earth to help someone succeed all while giving them the shirt off her back. She was always there. She checked in regularly. She knew when something was off with me. To this day I feel like she knows me better than anyone on earth. She never left me. She never stopped caring or checking in even when I went days without answering her. She even threw me a 30th Birthday Party at her house in New Jersey because I had no friends at home and no plans to celebrate my big 3-0. She is the reason why I am here today and I have to give credit where credit is due. She has a huge hand in saving me physically and mentally and I honestly don’t know what I have ever done to deserve someone like her. I hope to be her when I grow up.

When I found out I was pregnant I came to a crossroads. I knew I wasn’t going to have enough vacation time to cover my maternity leave and work will only pay partially for up to 8 weeks IF I have an C-Section. I don’t have much of a savings account and wasn’t sure how I was going to survive with 50% income for that time. I am able to take 12 weeks but a majority of that is unpaid unless you have vacation days. As I just said, I do not. I knew I had to get something going online again. I do not want to go back to work earlier than I absolutely have to. I want as much time with Bria as I can get. I had tried to revive Pruvit for a while but my heart wasn’t in it anymore. And if you are trying to sell something or be successful as an entrepreneur you have to have heart in whatever it is that you are offering the world. Without that you are as good as dead. Jen had told me about this Prenatal Coach Test group for a new Beachbody program coming out. She encouraged me to sign up and apply for it. It couldn’t hurt. I had low hopes because I had applied to be a part of literally dozens of test groups when I was rock star Brittany and was never selected so now coming back as a brand new coach RANK 0, didn’t really have a lot going for me. I went to my first OB appointment and asked about being able to drink Ketones Vs. Shakeology. I thought that would be a good deciding factor of which path to take. I was discouraged from drinking Ketones. However, Shakeology and the entire performance line had been approved. I wasn’t surprised.

Soon after my appointment I got the confirmation that I was chosen out of 1200 coaches to be a part of the test group and I took that as a sign to cut ties with Pruvit and come back to bleed blue. (I still love Pruvit. I will absolutely recommend promoters to anyone who wants to try ketones. I am not a hater by any means, I have just decided to do what's best for me.)

Jen has had the patience of Job with me and finally I am back with her united to do the damn thing as she had always said I would. (I never believed her. I hate to say this… but that woman is never wrong.)

Old Beachbody Brittany was a rockstar. I hit all the marks and did all the things. I earned all the trips and swag and contests. (Well not all but a lot of them) I had a great system and knew the business well. I loved it and loved what it had done for me and was so passionate about sharing it with the world. I do plan to be that Brittany again. It may take some time but being a part of the Prenatal Barre Blend Coach Test Group and starting #MBF with my bestie Shannon has me feeling some kind of confidence that I haven’t felt in a long time. Even at my heaviest weight. (You know because...Pregnant)

Is it humbling to come back? Is it hard to have to start all over because the people you had left have thrived elsewhere under others? OH MY GOD YES. But nothing worth having is ever easy.

Do I wonder where I would be if I had never left? Would I be that elite 15 star diamond coach that I had envisioned for myself so badly? Would I have abs of steel and all kinds of awards? Would I have helped hundreds more people find a healthier happier version of themselves?

I'm not sure. Maybe? Probably. My life would probably be pretty fucking sweet.

But there are a lot of things I wouldn’t be. I wouldn’t be a published author. I would have never ever moved home and met the love of my life. I wouldn’t be pregnant with this precious gift in my belly. I wouldn’t have met my best friend and godmother to my child, Shannon and countless other people I cannot imagine my life without. I wouldn’t have the opportunity to work in the facility where I was once a patient 8 years ago and make real difference full circle in Behavioral Health.

My point is in telling you all of this, everything always does come full circle. You will end up where you are supposed to be. It might take you to hell and back to get there but you will get there. It's never too late to begin again. Falling down requires you to get back up. And you are stronger for it.

My why is much stronger than it ever was before. I want to be able to provide a complete fairytale life for my little girl and be the hottest & strongest mama / girlfriend on the block while doing so. I never want her to struggle like I did as a child and will do whatever it takes to ensure she has everything she has ever wanted and beyond.

My advice to anyone on the fence about coming what's best for you and your life. Does coaching make you a better person physically, mentally, emotionally? Income aside, are you a better person? My answer was yes. So that is why I am back. Yes I have maternity leave to pay for along with a newborn baby that I have nothing for yet. But I am doing this for me, because it makes me a better person and in result it helps others do the same for themselves. There is no more rewarding feeling than paying it forward.

Thank you for reading and being a part of my journey to motherhood and many other things. I love you. You matter.


Coach Britt

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