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My  Personal Transformation

In September of 2021 I found myself at my highest weight of 249 lbs. I was heavier than I was at 9+ months pregnant. My self esteem was complete garbage and I hated the person who looked back at me in the mirror. After much deliberation I reluctantly gave Jamison Reeve's personal 1:1 Coaching a shot. I  had tried everything else and I  was unable to stay consistent on my own. I  knew that I needed the accountability and motivation from a third party who was knowledgeable and unbiased to my current situation. After hearing everyone's success stories that he had been working with I was hopeful that his methods might be what I  needed to get my best self back. 

And the rest is history. 

I lost 111 lbs total in 10 months. I  felt better than I  ever had in my entire lifetime. I  regained a sense of self I  had thought was gone forever. I  was able to revive my entire brand and truly create a life by my own design that I  loved to wake up and live each day. 

Without hesitation I shoved him into the spotlight and shared my success with his personal coaching program online. Much to his surprise he realized rather quickly that he had a greater purpose. The vision for a legacy he had began to dream up in 2019 became a reality. 


I quit my job and said goodbye to my field of study after a decade of working in adult behavioral health and came on board full time as Orion Focus Consultings Executive Brand Developer in April of 2022.  

This company has given me the ability to do everything I do today. I have truly put my heart and soul into it and love everything it has to offer. I  am beyond excited for what is to come and am forever grateful that I gave it my all. 

Orion Focus Academy was born in July of 2022 and has helped dozens of students take their power back, just as I have and we continue to build and grow each day. 

No Half Measures, 1% Better Each Day. 

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