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Brittany Cooley


A Personal Blog About Finding Purpose through Pain



(Well a cliff notes version of it )  

My name is Brittany. I'm a lot of things, but most importantly a female on a mission to spread hope, love and light into as many lives as I can, while I have breath in my lungs.


I have experienced a lot of trauma and tragedy in my lifetime. (Abuse, Neglect, Homelessness, Hunger, Loss.) My childhood was something out of a Lifetime Movie. Sadly I never properly dealt with what I had experienced which lead to a nearly fatal serious suicide attempt in 2012. 


Since then, I have rebuilt my life by my own design and followed my heart wherever it has lead. It has brought me much joy to help others in their darkest hour within the last 8 years. Finding my purpose through my pain has helped me help others do the same. 

People call me a unicorn but I like to think of myself more as a phoenix. 

Thank you for taking an interest in my life. If you find anything here I pray that its hope and encouragement to get through the tough times and find the strength within yourself to do so. 


My autobiography “Strength Personified: A Personal Story of Tragedy to Triumph” is my first book and was self published on July 27, 2018.  

I am diligently working on the second edition of Strength Personified; VOL II that will be released May 2021



Do you have a story of overcoming adversity and finding hope?


Submit your story of finding hope to be featured on my blog: 

© 2020 Brittany Cooley: Strength Personified

Thank you for sharing! 


Brittany Cooley, her presentations and her websites do not offer personal medical, or mental health services or advice. She is not a licensed clinician, nor does she give medical or psychiatric services. Brittany's goal is to spread a message of how she tried, through dedication and hard work, while following a treatment plan put together for her specific needs which her doctor’s, and clinicians set for her ; to change her life and how she learned healthy coping skills to live mentally well. Her presentations and sites express the truth about her personal experience with having a very severe mental health diagnosis. She fearlessly shares her story of how she personally rose above the statistics and is now living mentally well, as she believes you can too.

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